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Arabic language make the difference

Learn to speak Arabic and memorize the Quran.


  • Arabic Vocabulary Notebook, Learn Arabic Language Easier, Memorize and Revise

    Arabic Vocabulary Notebook: Memorize and Revise, Capacity of 3000 Words and Verbs, Learn Arabic Language Easier, Bilingual English/Arabic, Ruled Book, Blue.

    8,99 $

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  • Learn Arabic alphabet and articulation points of Arabic letters.

    Arabic Reading Book: Learn Arabic alphabet and articulation points of Arabic letters. Read the Quran or any book easily.

    12,49 $

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  • Bilingual Picture Book (English/Arabic) with Transliteration for Kids.

    Alif Baa Taa: Teach me Arabic alphabet: Bilingual Picture Book (English/Arabic) with Transliteration for Kids. Teach Arabic Letters with Beautiful Colors and Illustrations

    9,99 $

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  • The Complete Arabic Writing Workbook, Handwriting Practice For Kids, Kindergarten.

    The Complete Arabic Writing Workbook: Handwriting Practice For Kids, Kindergarten. Age 6 to 10 with Activities. Write Letters, Words & Sentences.

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Why is it so important to learn literary Arabic?

It's frustrating : You want to understand the Quran, understand religion classes, speak the Arabic language to dialogue with traders.
You were born Muslim and yet you know a convert who can memorize the Quran better or speak Arabic better than you.
Your family members look down on you on religious matters because you don't speak Arabic.
You would like to be able to chant the Quran like your favorite reciters.
You are converted, you are eager to learn and are limited to translations.
You don't have the time or the pedagogy to teach your children yourself. The teachers of madrassa online are passionate and educators, our students feel it.

... You can tell she loves what she does, she does it beautifully. She's very cheerful, and she's a person you quickly get attached to despite being my daughter's teacher and not mine ...

-Oum Amana

But whatever the initial reason, it is necessary to purify one's intention and do it for Allah and hope for the reward because learning the Arabic language is a worship and an obligation for any Muslim.

What will the Arabic language change in your life?

If you have a question, whatever the subject, you can look for the answer in the texts or question the scholars without waiting a week for a friend to translate the question.
The Arabic language is the key to religious sciences. Studying these sciences, insha'Allah, will bring you understanding of religion. So it is a cause of guidance and a protection against different errors and different sects such as those who criticize the muslim governors.
You will be able to chant the Quran and meditate on it.
You can travel to any Arab country and meet extraordinary people.

Learn Literary Arabic Online

The online markez, Madrassa online

  • Bilingual Arabic and Quran teachers
  • Native Arabic and Quran teachers (Arabic speakers)
  • Teaching Tomes of Medina, the Arabic language program at the University of Medina.
  • The teaching of our book "Arabic Reading Book", one of the best ways to learn to read Arabic.

We are there for you

We closely follow your progress. The teachers keep us informed of your progress. You can reach us by mail, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Zoom.


What students say about us

... You can tell she loves what she does, she does it beautifully. She's very cheerful, and she's a person you quickly get attached to despite being my daughter's teacher and not mine ...

-Oum Chouaib

… I highly recommend Professor Omar. He is a very educator and is very involved in his work. ...


… Ahlikoum Salam wa rahmatoulah wa barakatouhou. My name is Sarah, I recently registered. I had my second class this morning with Imane. El hemdoulileh everything is going well so far. Having a teacher who speaks only Arabic is a plus. It allows me to have another method of learning and to improve my pronunciation. May Allah reward you and facilitate us. ...



How to register ?

It's very simple, complete the registration form without forgetting to tell us your availability (days and time slots). We will contact you as soon as possible. We find a teacher available according to your niches. When it's done, we confirm the class times with you and send you a payment link.

How are the lessons on Zoom going?

Zoom is online meeting software like skype. It is popular for online education.
Signing up to Zoom is very quick.
During your registration, we send you the step-by-step procedure to register and add your teacher to your contacts.

Is learning the Arabic language difficult?

Not contrary to popular belief, the Arabic language makes much more sense than the English language.
However, at the start of learning, you have to put in a lot of effort because you start from bottom.
The further you go, the easier it is. Some students get discouraged because they don't feel like they are moving forward when they have made tremendous progress. This feeling disappears when you start to express yourself correctly, you have to be patient until then.

What do I need for the lessons? (I do not have a computer)

We recommend the computer to be more comfortable, but many students attend classes with their phones or tablets.

How does the Quran class take place?

The course is made up of 2 parts. A part where the teacher corrects what the student has to memorize. A review part, where the teacher makes sure that there are no omissions or new mistakes.